Welcome to the Botanical Dietary Supplements Research Center


We are a dietary supplement research center, focused on botanicals and metabolic syndrome.

Our Center was created in 2005 through a grant from the National Institutes of Health. Since its inception, our Center has significantly advanced the study of botanicals and metabolic syndrome.

Our Goals

The goal of the Center is to provide a comprehensive evaluation of botanicals in addressing the pathophysiologic mechanisms that lead to the development of insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome. The specific aims of the Botanical Dietary Supplements Research Center are:

  • To promote a collaborative and interactive research environment to develop an internationally recognized center of excellence in the area of botanicals and mechanisms of metabolic disease.

  • To identify and further study botanicals with potential efficacy in metabolic syndrome, to identify their bioactive constituents, to standardize and optimize those botanicals,  to provide necessary preclinical and mechanisms of action data, and to translate the foregoing findings into clinical studies in humans.

  • To expand the critical mass of investigators addressing botanical research by identifying, recruiting and mentoring promising young investigators



2020 Botanical Community Symposium

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Featured Speaker:

Bill Gurley, Ph.D.

Principal Scientist National Center for Natural Products

University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

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