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Pilot Project Grants
Funding Year 2005-2006

Steven Anton, PhD
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Stevia, satiety and glucose

K23 Grant Funded: Stevia, satiety and glucose

Effects of stevia, aspartame, and sucrose on food intake, satiety, and postprandial glucose and insulin levels.
Anton SD, Martin CK, Han H, Coulon S, Cefalu WT, Geiselman P, Williamson DA
Appetite 2010 (In Press). PMC Journal – In Process

June Zhou, PhD
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Gene Expression and resistant starch

R21 Grant Funded: Dietary Resistant Starch, Energy Balance

Effects of resistant starch, a non-digestible fermentable fiber, on reducing body fat
Keenan MJ, Zhou J, McCutcheon KL, Raggio AM, Bateman HG, Todd E, Jones CK, Tulley RT, Melton S, Martin RJ, Hegsted M
Obesity (Silver Spring). 2006 Sep;14(9):1523-1534.

Dietary resistant starch upregulates total GLP-1 and PYY in a sustained day-long manner through fermentation in rodents
Zhou J, Martin RJ, Tulley RT, Raggio AM, McCutcheon KL, Shen L, Danna SC, Tripathy S, Hegsted M, Keenan MJ
Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 2008 Nov;295(5):E1160-1166. PMCID: 2584810

Failure to ferment dietary resistant starch in specific mouse models of obesity results in no body fat loss
Zhou J, Martin RJ, Tulley RT, Raggio AM, Shen L, Lissy E, McCutcheon K, Keenan MJ
J Agric Food Chem 2009 Oct 14;57(19):8844-8851. PMCID: PMC2766351

Elizabeth Floyd, PhD
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Reservatrol-mediated regulation of PPAR-gamma in adipocytes

Modulation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma stability and transcriptional activity in adipocytes by resveratrol
Floyd EZ, Wang ZQ, Kilroy G, Cefalu WT
Metabolism 2008;57(7 Suppl 1):S32-38. PMCID: PMC2585986

Ken Eilertsen, PhD
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Novel DNA demethylation activity in botanical extracts

Botanicals as epigenetic modulators for mechanisms contributing to development of Metabolic Syndrome
Kirk H, Cefalu WT, Ribnicky DM, Liu Z, Eilertsen KJ.
Metabolism 2008;57(7 Suppl 1):S16-23. Accepted prior to April 7, 2008

Zhanguo Gao, PhD
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Insulin sensitizing mimetics using osmotin, a possible modulator of mitochondrial bioenergetis and metabolism

Butyrate Improves Insulin Sensitivity and Increases Energy Expenditure in Mice
Gao Z, Yin J, Zhang J, Ward RE, Martin RJ, Lefevre M, Cefalu WT, Ye J
Diabetes 2009;58 (7):1509-1517. PMCID: PMC2699871

Lori White, PhD
Rutgers University
Zebrafish, botanicals and screening

Shengmin Sang, PhD
Rutgers University
Mechanism study on the savaging effect of reactive dicarbonyl compounds by tea chatechins

USDA Grant Funded: Dietary flavonoids, advanced glycation end products

Christopher Morrison, PhD
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Direct hypothylamic effects of botanical extracts
Anthony Civitarese, PhD
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Plant defense, proteins, AMP kinase
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