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Symposia and Conferences

As part of our mission to educate both the scientific community and the general public on botanical research we host annual community conferences, as well as periodic scientific symposia. Presentation information from our previous conferences is archived below.

Community Education Conferences


Culinary Medicine: Great Food as a Means of Preventive Medicine - Program
Wisdom of the World: Botanicals and Health Around the Globe - Program
  • The World's Plants and Health Maintenance
  • Enhance Your Health: Lessons Learned from Botanical Research at Pennington Biomedical
  • Spice Up Your Health with the Flavors of the World
  • Trust Your Gut: You Are What You Eat - Program
  • How Your Gut Works For You
  • Trust Your Gut
  • Protection Against Chronic Disease with Probiotics
  • Backyard Remedies: How Plants from Louisiana Help Maintain Health- Program
  • Taking Louisiana's Backyard Plants to the World
  • Potential Health Benefits of a Natural Fiber from Sugarcane
  • Herbal Healing Traditions of Southwest Louisiana
  • Put a little color in your life Let's Get to the Heart of the Matter - Program
  • Put Your Heart Before Your Head
  • The Heart of a Woman
  • Why an Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
  • Put a little color in your life The Weight is Over - Program
  • Overview
  • DIET: What you need to KNOW
  • PSYCHOLOGY: What you need to THINK
  • EXERCISE: What you need to DO
  • Put a little color in your life Put a little Color in Your Life - Program
  • Put a Little Color in Your Life
  • Why eat the Rainbow?
  • A Colorful Way to Prevent Diabetes - A Berry Good Idea!
  • How to eat the Rainbow
  • Spice is Life Spice is Life - Program
  • How Sweet it is! Cinnamon, Spices and Diabetes
  • Relax, It's Tea Time:Tea and Effects on Obesity & Cancer
  • The Aging Brain - Food for Thought
  • Food as Medicine

    Food as Medicine- Program

  • Studying nature to improve our health
  • Drugs disguised as herbal and safe 'over the counter' supplements: An introduction ot herb-drug interactions
  • The French Paradox: Wine and cardiovascular risk
  • Native Plant with Bee

    The Buzz About Native Plants: From Plants To Bees To Medicine-

  • From the Beehive to the Lab Bench for Better Health – Jacqueline Stephens, PhD
  • Baccharis and Bees C Ray Brassieur, PhD
  • Maximizing Honeybee Behavior for Product Production – Dennis Bullard, MEd

    Scientific Symposia


    Botanicals and Translational Medicine - Program

  • Our most recent scientific symposium was held on February 6-8, 2013 and was entitled Botanicals and Translational Medicine. We had speakers participating from 12 universities in the United States and Canada and we involved one of the 5 NIH funded Botanical Research Centers, i.e. Wake Forest University, by having one of their investigators (Dr. John Parks) serve as Co-Chair. The proceedings and conclusions were published on the Pennington Biomedical website and many of the manuscripts were published in a special supplement to the journal Nutrition.
  • Volume 30, Issues 7-8, Supplement, S1-S68
    July–August 2014
    Botanicals and Translational Medicine: a paradigm shift in Research Approach
    Edited by William Cefalu
  • Event Photo
  • Botanicals and Cardiometabolic risk
    Botanicals and Cardiometabolic Risk - Program
  • Published Articles in Metabolism Supplement
  • Event Photos
  • Past Successes Practical Aspects of Natural Product-Based Pharmaceutical Discovery - Program
  • A History of Botanical Therapeutics
  • Important Pharmaceuticals Derived from Plants
  • The Sky is the Limit Botanicals and Human Health...The Sky's the Limit - Program


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