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The Botanical Research Center has three major research projects. The goal of each major research project is to identify and further study a promising botanical. Researchers hope to provide the preclinical and mechinisms of action data necessary to translate their findings into dietary supplement clinical studies in humans.

tarragon Project 1: Artemisia Sp. & Insulin Action
Researchers of Project 1 are evaluating the ability of extracts from members of the Artemisia plant species to enhance and modify cellular lipid metabolism while modulating negative regulators of insulin receptor signaling.
Shilianhua Project 2: Adipocytes & Botanicals
Researchers of Project 2 hypothesize that botanicals that promote safe lipid storage in adipose tissues, such as St. John's Wort and Artemesia, can be used to reduce ectopic lipid accumulation.
stjohns Project 3: High Polyphenol Red Lettuce & Diabetes
Researchers of Project 3 are investigating the effects of polyphenols from Rutgers Scarlet Lettuce on glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and lipid metabolism.
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